Feature film | Original score

2023 “Hotel Pula” (directed by Andrej Korovljev); Kinematograf d.o.o.

2022 “The Conversation” (directed by Dominik Sedlar); Croatia Film & A Quiet Storm Productions (USA)

2022 “4:2” (directed by Anđelo Jurkas); DOP Produkcija & Broadcast

2021 “The Match” (directed by Dominik & Jakov Sedlar); VISION Studios & Ollendorff center

2017 “Fuck off I Love You” (directed by Anđelo Jurkas); DOP Produkcija

2016 “Because of You” (directed by Anđelo Jurkas); DOP Produkcija

2015 “Vanishing” (short) (directed by Anđelo Jurkas); DOP Produkcija

2014 “The Bridge at the End of the World” (directed by Branko Ištvančić); Artizana film d.o.o. & HRT

2014 “Midnight Gray” (short) (directed by Branko Ištvančić); Artizana film d.o.o.

2006 “The Ghost in the Swamp” (directed by Branko Ištvančić); Interfilm & HRT

Documentaries | Original music

2021 “Cars we drove into the capitalism” (directors: Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov); AGITPROP, HULAHOP, SAXONIA ENT., Danish Documentary Production, Endorfilm

2019 “The Rivers of Croatia” (director Goran Šafarek); Šafarek produkcija

2018 “From Insecurity to Uncertainty” (director Miro Branković); HRT

2018 “More than Words” (Više od riječi) TV mini-series, (director Miro Branković); HRT

2016 “It Was All Just a Good Dream: the Frenchman from Vukowar” (director Branko Ištvančić); Artizana film d.o.o.

2015 “Enemy of the State” (Neprijatelj naroda) (director Višnja Starešina); Interfilm d.o.o. & CDAS

2014 “Dear Lastan!” (Dragi Lastane!) (director Irena Škorić); Artizana film d.o.o.

2013 “In Search of Marco Polo” (U potrazi za Markom Polom) TV mini-series (director Miro Branković); HRT

2013 “Slavoljub Penkala” (director Milka Barišić); HRT

2012-2013 Aquatic Treasure of Croatia” (Hrvatsko vodeno blago) TV series (director Miro Andrić); HRT & Car-Herc

2011 “Album” (director Branko Ištvančić); Factum documentary

2010 “Hebrang” TV mini-series (director Zoran Budak); Interfilm & HRT

2010 “Silenced voice” (Zaustavljeni glas) (director Višnja Starešina); Interfilm & HRT

2009 “Together” (Zajedno) (director Nenad Puhovski); Factum documentary

2007 “Tesla” (director Miro Branković); HRT

2006 “The Sign of the Crime” (Potpis zločina) (director Miro Branković); HRT

2005 “Ode dućan” (director Miro Branković); HRT

2005 “The Stone Picker” (Berač kamena) (director Branko Ištvančić); HRT

2005 “The Lost Treasure” (Izgubljeno blago) (director Branko Ištvančić); HRT

Works | Compositions

2023 Diptych for Tuba Quartet

2021 “Csárdás Suite” for Strings

2021 Concerto for Tuba & Orchestra

2018 “Valse Balkanique” (Balkan Waltz) for Brass Quintet

2014 “Solid Pictures” for French Horn & Piano

2010 “Two Rivers” (“Dvije rijeke”) for Brass Quintet

2010 “Ricordi del Passato” for String Quartet

2005 “Autumn Waltz” for Tamburica Orchestra

2002 “Rondo” for String Orchestra

Orchestration | Arrangements 

I have written arrangements and orchestrations for many Croatian and international performers some of them are:

Aljoša Šerić, Lea Dekleva, band Pavel, Toše Proeski, Kaliopi, Aleksandar Mitevski, Zoran Džorlev, Daniel Kajmakoski etc.

Also I orchestrated and prepared sheet music for the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra for a concert in honor of Oliver Dragojevic called “Vridilo je” in December 2019

| Awards & recognitions |

2023 REEL MUSIC AWARD. Recognition for the best score in the Original Score for a Drama Feature category. In the movie “The Conversation” (UK)

2023 MOVIE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL (MMI) – Recognition Award for the Best Music in a Historic Drama in the movie “The Conversation” (UK)

2022 Crystal Pine Award for the best music in a feature film “The Conversation” directed by Dominik Sedlar, in the category Best original score, feature. At the International sound & film music festival – ISFMF 2022

2022 Silver Medal / Outstanding Achievement – Film Soundtrack & Album, for the film “The Match” at the Global Music Awards Competition – (USA)

2016 Award for best music in a documentary film “It Was all Just a Good Dream” by director Branko Istvancic at the 7th ‘Religious Film Festival’ – Trsat (Croatia)

2013 Discography Award “Porin” in the category for the Best album of original music for theatre, film and /or TV (for the album “In Search of Marko Polo”)

2010 Award for best music in a documentary film “Together” by director Nenad Puhovski at the 19th Days of Croatian Film